Finally The Right Way To Curl Your Hair With A Hair Straightener

Start by spraying heat protection serum, make different sections of hair and curl your hair in a single swing.

hair StarightenerPeople are experimenting with their hair these days and with even a slight change in their hair styling can make or break their overall appearance. Moreover, the market is flooded with umpteen hair grooming products and hair straightener is one of the most essential device for the people who love to try different styling on their hair.
What Is Hair Straightener?
Hair straightener is device used to groom hair and try different hair styles. It has got two iron plates of width 1-2 inch, in a clip design. With the use of electricity the plates are heated to the appropriate temperature and then the hair are clipped and tangled in different ways to straighten or curl hair.
The Right Way To Curl Your Hair With A Hair Straightener
• Spritz Heat Protection Serum: It’s an essential step to protect your hair from damage due to excess heat. Spray heat protection serum generously all over your hair with your hand at some distance from your head. And now you are ready to use hair straightener.
• Make Different Sections On Your Hair: Now make different sections on your hair and clip them. Take one section at a time, allowing you curl each section perfectly preferably the section close to your face.
• Start Curling Your Hair Closest To The Nap Of Your Neck: Clip a section or few strands of the section (as you prefer) between the clamps of hair straightener and from there, in one fluid motion swing you wrist away and it’s done.
• Continue To Work Upward Near Your Hairline: Make sure that you feed hair from above the middle length of your hair, so that your curls pop from top your head and not just at ends.
• Follow The Same Procedure With All The Sections Of Your Hair: To get the even result cover all the sections of your hair by following the same procedure.
• Finish Off With Hair On Your Hair Line: Now as you have successfully curled your hair, just to give it a finishing touch, run fingers through the curls and to get it done evenly you can use bristle brush and you are ready to go!
Gurin Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron Hair Straightener 1.25” is one of the most preferred hair straightener in USA. It has got adjustable heat feature enabling user to switch the temperature appropriate for their hair. To know more about the Hair Straightener simply log on to Amazon and Walmart.


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