Build A Modem Multi-Monitor Workstation With Liztek Graphic Adapter

Liztek Graphic Adapter can connect up to six display units, easy to install portable, lowered with DL-3500 giving the high-resolution graphics.


It’s been perceived that dual monitors increase productivity and is a savior for offices having umpteen data to scroll. For gamers, multi display units is a heaven, but one should not just run to get new display units, before that, one must assess the computer, number of ports in it and it’s graphics card and after that decide which graphic card adapter is to be bought. With a graphic Card adapter, you can build your own multi-monitor workstation without much hassle. With graphics card adapter you can get the same image, video and other files on connected multiple screens, all that by operating on a single computer. These days many companies are using it in malls and different public places to promote their goods and services. Even for event management companies, this device wonders to deck up the whole show.

Liztek is a renowned brand, manufacturing number of products from the segment of computer peripherals, also including graphics card adapter. To comprehend the device and its utility let’s have a look on its features:-

• Connects Up to Six Display Units: This device can connect minimum three and maximum six display units and requires one adapter per monitor.

• Easy To Install: It has got USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 for connectivity making it easy for user install the device. It gives widest possible support via DVI-I output and both HDMI and VGA adapters included in the box.

• Portable: It’s a compact device, moreover it looks like a palm size toy, making it convenient for the user to use the device. A user can also carry the device traveling or have to connect multiple display units on outdoors events.

• Display Link: The graphics card adapter is empowered with DL-3500 chipset, upholding high resolution up to 2048 x 1152 and with analog VGA it gives resolution up to 1920 x 1080.

Compatibility: The device is competent enough to use with windows 8.1, 8, 7 32/64 but and XP 32 bit. However, till now the device is not upgraded to support Mac and Linux.


Best USB To HDMI Graphics Adapter Card Review

Liztek USB 3.0 To HDMI Video Adapter is a fine device enabling the user to connect upto six monitors. It’s loaded with DL-3500 endowing resolution upto 2048 x 1152 and 1920 x 1080 with analogue VGA.
In this digitised era, videos games are completely transformed from simple cartoon characters to real looking characters and these highly advanced animations are making the motion to look so real. With simple laptops, user can’t enjoy the advanced animations and requires a nice graphic card enhancing the overall appearance of images and videos. To connect such graphic card to a laptop one needs graphic card adapter empowering your laptop or desktop with clear and amazing graphics. Market is flooded with such devices and one should carefully select these devices.
Liztek is one of the leading brand manufacturing a wide range of devices known for their ease to use, user-friendly & advanced features. Liztek USB 3.0 To HDMI Video Graphic Card Adapter is a supreme device in its segment and has been acknowledged for its smooth functioning. The features giving the device an edge above the others are as follows:-
• The graphic card adapter enables the user to connect upto six monitors, such features used especially when playing video games or when one wants the same graphics to be shown in multiple screens.
• It’s very easy to use, simply plug and play. It comes along USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 connectivity and is compatible to support widest possible monitors through DVI adapter and HDMI output included in its box.
• It has got Display Link: DL-3500 chipset giving resolution upto 2048 x 1152 and 1920 x 1080 with analogue VGA, embracing the graphics with perfect color and sharp images.
The incompatibility with Mac laptop is the only shortcoming we found, else the adapter is compatible with different version of Windows, making this single device adept for all. It’s device is easily available on Amazon & Walmart making the device facilely available to the people living in different regions.