The Best 7 Port USB 3.0 Charging Hub

With USB Charging Hub, you can simply charge multiple devices via the single charger. It has got seven USB 3.0 ports with a transfer speed of 5 Gbps and two smart charging ports.

7 Port USB 3.0 hub

In this high tech gizmo era, we all have our personal smartphone, laptops and many other devices and when you are living with your family or roommates, once or more, you must have fought to get your device charged from the plugged in the charger. To resolve this hassle, USB Charging Hubs have entered the market. It’s a must device for this generation having the number of mobile phones, laptops, digital camera, iPod and many other USB enabled devices under a single roof.

What is USB Charging Hub?

It’s a much-needed device, enabling the user to charge multiple devices simultaneously via single charging hub. It has got multiple USB charging ports and the user simply needs to plug in the charger in power socket and on here/she can get all the devices charged on a single platform. If you have a number of charging ports, you can also help others to get their devices charged through your charging hub and it also helps preserve electricity.

Such charging hubs have gained tremendous popularity and tech markets are flooded with various variants of charging hub. However, when selecting such device, one should be heedful and buy only such device only from a trusted brand and the label that provides excellent customer support. One such leading device is Liztek USB Charging Hub, uprooting from the trusted brand, Liztek, known for its dexterous devices. It has got 7 USB 3.0 ports with a transfer speed of up to 5 Gbps, enabling the user to charge up to seven devices simultaneously and quickly. The charging hub also has two smart charging ports providing quick charging 2.4A and 5V charging input. The device is also backward compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1. To notify the proper functioning, it is decked up with LED indicators with each USB 3.0 port and has got built-in power On/Off buttons and is compatible with multiple operating systems.

The device is available on the leading e-commerce platform:- Amazon and has got 5 stars out of five evincing the efficacy and high satisfaction of its users. To know more simply visit the product page on Amazon.


Finally The Right Way To Curl Your Hair With A Hair Straightener

Start by spraying heat protection serum, make different sections of hair and curl your hair in a single swing.

hair StarightenerPeople are experimenting with their hair these days and with even a slight change in their hair styling can make or break their overall appearance. Moreover, the market is flooded with umpteen hair grooming products and hair straightener is one of the most essential device for the people who love to try different styling on their hair.
What Is Hair Straightener?
Hair straightener is device used to groom hair and try different hair styles. It has got two iron plates of width 1-2 inch, in a clip design. With the use of electricity the plates are heated to the appropriate temperature and then the hair are clipped and tangled in different ways to straighten or curl hair.
The Right Way To Curl Your Hair With A Hair Straightener
• Spritz Heat Protection Serum: It’s an essential step to protect your hair from damage due to excess heat. Spray heat protection serum generously all over your hair with your hand at some distance from your head. And now you are ready to use hair straightener.
• Make Different Sections On Your Hair: Now make different sections on your hair and clip them. Take one section at a time, allowing you curl each section perfectly preferably the section close to your face.
• Start Curling Your Hair Closest To The Nap Of Your Neck: Clip a section or few strands of the section (as you prefer) between the clamps of hair straightener and from there, in one fluid motion swing you wrist away and it’s done.
• Continue To Work Upward Near Your Hairline: Make sure that you feed hair from above the middle length of your hair, so that your curls pop from top your head and not just at ends.
• Follow The Same Procedure With All The Sections Of Your Hair: To get the even result cover all the sections of your hair by following the same procedure.
• Finish Off With Hair On Your Hair Line: Now as you have successfully curled your hair, just to give it a finishing touch, run fingers through the curls and to get it done evenly you can use bristle brush and you are ready to go!
Gurin Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron Hair Straightener 1.25” is one of the most preferred hair straightener in USA. It has got adjustable heat feature enabling user to switch the temperature appropriate for their hair. To know more about the Hair Straightener simply log on to Amazon and Walmart.

Santamedical Tens Unit In Top 10 Best Seller Rank On Amazon

Santamedical LFM-110gives smooth and consistent impulses, has six auto modes, adjustable intensity, adjustable speed, is easy to use, convenient and can be facilely use in different parts of body.


In the busy schedule and hustle-bustle of life people do not get time for themselves and suffer from stress and different body aches. The practice of TENS Unit is quite in vogue theses days, it stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. It’s a small handheld device, passing low voltage current in the body, creating a tingling sensation. It is suggested that these minute impulses stimulate nerves, helping them to release endorphins also known as natural pain killers.
Such Tens Units are quite convenient and saves a lot of amount spend on physiotherapist’s clinic, as with such devices user can facilely take massage without taking any outside help. Santamedical LFM-110 is one of the finest TENS Unit available in market. The brand has brought this product on the leading e-commerce platform: Amazon. Soon it has made its place among the top ten best seller rank on Amazon, in its segment and has notified its efficacy.
Reasons Placing Santamedical LFM-110 TENS Unit Among The Top 10 Best Seller Rank On Amazon:-
• Smooth And Consistent: The minor impulses flown to the ache prone area address quite smooth and consistent, relaxing your contracted muscles.
• Six Auto Modes: LFM-110 is loaded with six auto modes, adjustable speed and high frequency stimulation, effortlessly bringing relief in pain.
• Easy To Use: In just few simple steps you can facilely use this device. Clean the ache prone area, stick the electrode pads and turn on the device. Within few minutes you’ll feel the difference.
• LCD: It has got a decent LCD screen, helpful in selecting the mode, speed and intensity of the massage.
• Convenient: It’s a lite and compact Tens Unit, user can facilely carry it along and use it by oneself.
• Can Be Used On Different Parts Of Body: It’s a stress stopping machine and can be used on different body parts such as neck, shoulder, back, lower back, arm, thigh, calf, feet, etc.
However, the Tens Unit is completely safe to use, but one should consult their family doctor to understand their body and it’s health state before using any TENS Unit. To know more about the device simply log in to Amazon and Walmart.

Liztek USB Charger Supports iPhone 8 And iPhone X, Provides Fast Charging

If you are ready to get iPhone 8 or iPhone X, Liztek USB charger is the best option charging your iPhone and other devices with single charger. It has got five ports, SmartLiz technology, five ports and high charging speed upto 2.4 amp.

141 usb chargerTechnology is boosting at an alarming speed releasing a new product every now and then, requiring the auxiliary devices to update in accordance to the new device. We all know apple is the king in smartphones section and every year in the month of September there’s release of an upgrade version of the smartphone. This year apple has come with two mega flagships iPhone 8 and iPhone X, releasing soon in the month of November. The iPhone lovers are all set to get the premium device, however they are not the only ones prepping up, many other brands manufacturing auxiliary devices are also upgrading their devices to match up with apples latest flagships. One such brand is Liztek, a well known brand manufacturing a wide array of USB chargers, has uplifted the features of its charging station to make it competent enough to provide super charging to iPhone 8 and iPhone X.
Liztek charging stations are known to provide simultaneously smooth and quick charging to multiple devices (USB enabled).
Features Decking Up Liztek Charging Station:-
• SmartLiz Technology: The technology automatically detects your degree and provide smooth and high speed charging upto 2.4 amp per port.
• Perfect For Entire Family: The charging station is loaded with five high-power ports enabling you to charge five different devices simultaneously.
• Completely Safe: The device is made with industry grade materials, has got UL design, with protection of overcharging, overheating and short circuit.
• Compatibility: The USB Charger is compatible with different operating systems and if you are thinking to buy iPhone 8 or iPhone X, the charging station goes well with both.
• Travel Friendly: It’s lite and compact device, easy to carry around and suffice all your USB Charger charging needs with this single Liztek Charging Station.
The charging station has got LED indicators that lights up when charging is on. The USB Charger is available on Amazon and other e-commerce platforms and to know more about the device simply.

Best Tips For Using Smart Wireless Doorbell

Before getting a wireless doorbell one should consider several factors to utilise the device as desired. Liztek wireless doorbell comes with smart features making it a leading product in its segment.

15Wireless doorbell is the latest and advanced way to the conventional method. It includes a chime box receiver and a transmitter having button to ring the bell. When button on transmitter is clicked, it sends the radio signals to the receiver kept inside the home. Such smart doorbells runs either on batteries or can also be connected to the main electrical system of the house. As it does not need any wire, user can connect number of receiver with a single transmitter.
Below are few tips to utilise smart wireless doorbell to the fullest:-
• When you buy wireless doorbell, make sure that the speaker on the receiver has got sufficient sound volume, making it easy to hear the bell even in noise.
• Identify a region in your home from where the sound is audible to the maximum places of your house.
• Before making a purchase check the range of the wireless doorbell and it’s competency to cover the major areas of your home. Also keep in mind that thick walls can degrade the quality of the signals sent to the receiver.
• As the transmitter is going to be placed outside, user should confirm that whether it could adopt to the outdoor conditions such as rain, high temperature, dust, etc.
• There should be number of chimes to select from as at times there are some chimes having irritating noise.
• The doorbell should have a good quality battery which should be user replaceable and last longer period of time. High end models with low battery warning are preferable over regular ones.
• Also the model with multiple transmitters should be considered if you are having multiple entrances to your home. That would certainly enhances the level of comfort and avoids the necessity of installing multiple doorbells at your home.
The above mentioned considerations should definitely be made before buying any wireless doorbell. Liztek Portable Wireless Doorbell has got high range covering area upto 1000 ft and 52 chimes to select from with four different volume levels to select from. It’s IP44 rated whether-proof. It’s decked up with LED indicator that lights up when bell rings and can be conveniently plugged into an electrical outlet.

Gurin Kitchen Scale Now Available On 35% Off At Amazon In USA-305DY5OM

Gurin kitchen scale, gives accurate readings, loaded with four GFX sensors, topped with tempered glass is available on 35% discount only for limited period.

kitchen scale

The advancing technology has affected various zones and has also exalted our kitchen with feature-rich and high tech equipments, enhancing the art of cooking as well as bringing the proficient tricks to all the food lovers. One such device is Digital Kitchen Scale, weighing varied ingredients with ease and accuracy.
Gurin kitchen scale is one of the most popular in its segment, it’s used in many elite restaurants and is preferred by master chefs. To celebrate success of achieving a steep hike in sales, Gurin is offering its Digital Kitchen Scale with a discount of 35% valid only on Amazon for limited period only. It’s a great opportunity for all the people who love to make different cuisines as this device will aid a lot to achieve the desired result.
Let’s Understand The Benefits Of Using Kitchen Scale:-
• High Accuracy In Measurements: Measuring ingredients in bowl or cup is not the perfect way to measure but with such kitchen scale you can certainly count on their accuracy.
• Very Easy To Use: User simply needs to put the bowl of ingredient on the weighing scale and press a button to measure and within few seconds the accurate weight will be displayed on the screen given on the device.
• They Do Conversions: Such Kitchen Scale also gives option to change the units as per your recipe book, making it much easy to measures the ingredients without much of calculation.
• Not At All Expensive: Such devices has vast variety to choose from which are not at all expensive and can facilely purchased like other kitchen equipments.
• Portable: These Kitchen Scale come in small sizes that can be facilely placed anywhere in the kitchen.
• Perfect Taste Every Time: With such accurate ingredients you can get the desired result not just one or two times but every time.
Gurin Kitchen Scale is loaded with all the aforementioned features and its overall appeal will make it a star of your kitchen, as it is topped with tempered glass, embracing its looks, enhancing durability and also makes it easy to clean. Loaded with four high precise GFX sensors giving highly accurate readings and can measure upto 5750 grams in different units.

Santamedical PM-510 Is The Best Electronic Pulse Massager For Chronic Pain, Said By Doctors

Santamedical PM-510 is easy to use, convenient, gives smooth impulses with adept voltage, features eight modes, timers and one can get customised massage.

111tens unitChronic body ache is one of the most common ailment suffered by a large number of population across the globe.To get relief from such body aches, generally people take help of their physiotherapist, requiring frequent visits to their clinics and hefty bills. To provide effective massage and to bring relief in pain, several variants of electrical pulses massagers were launch in market.
What is electronic pulse massager?
Electronic pulse massager brings relief in pain by passing low voltage impulses in body, bring relief in pain and also helps the body to release its natural painkillers, endorphins. It’s aids convenience with professional massage.
There are several Electronic Pulse Massager Available in market, though one should go for only trusted brand. Santamedical PM-510 is one of the finest electronic pulse massager and it’s proven to bring relief chronic pain. The device known for its high efficacy and is recommended by doctors as well.
Features of Santamedical PM-510 upholding the trust of doctors and millions of users:
• Easy To Use & Convenient: It’s a small handheld device with joiners and electrode pads, user simply needs to adhere these pads near the ache prone are and turn on power button. As the device comes in compact size, it’s easy to carry it along and use it even when traveling.
• Adept and smooth vibrations: The impulses released are neither too low in voltage nor to high, the PM-510 is competent to provide smooth and adept vibrations with apt voltage.
• Eight Auto Modes: It has got eight auto modes enabling the user to select one as per ones need and the area of pain.
• Timer: The Tens Unit enables the user to set the timer from 10 mins to 60 mins, however the default timer is set for 20 mins, also the device has got auto power-off feature.
• Personalised Massage: PM-510, enables the user to customise the massage as per ones comfort and need. The Tens Unit features adjustable massage strength to personalise the massage and giving the desired results.
It can be easily used on different parts of body such as, neck, shoulder, arms, wrist, upper & lower back, thigh, calf, feet, etc. Although before using any EMS Tens Unit one should consult the doctor. It works on rechargeable battery avoiding hassle of changing batteries again and again. To know more about the Tens Unit simply log on Amazon and Walmart.

Power Your Productivity With The New Liztek Universal Docking Station

The New Liztek Universal Docking Station supports six additional display units, three video modes, 4 USB 2.0 and 2 USB 3.0 with super speed of 5gbps.

41vRCVLbaVL._SX425_As the technology is moving at a very fast pace, every day a new gizmo is launched, aiding a lot and making your life much easier. All we all know, the first computer was quite big and with growing years it’s size shrunk and now it easily fits on or study table. Although the advancement didn’t stop here, and we got laptop giving power of desktop with portability. However, still there were so many features which could be fulfilled by PC only, but now with universal docking stations you can facilely empower your laptop with the features of your computer.
What is docking station?
Docking station is a hardware frame with set of electrical circuits, empowering your notebook and laptop to effectively server as desktop. It has got several ports to provide charging to multiple devices and also to connect number of computer peripherals embracing your laptop with power of desktop.
These days such docking stations have become one of the essential need as nowadays most of us carry laptop and with the help of this intelligent device we could easily transform our laptop and make our workstation anywhere, anytime.
The new Liztek Universal Docking Station is a dexterous device in its segment and powers your productivity.
Reasons Giving The New Liztek Universal Docking Station An Edge Above:-
• Supports Additional Display Units: The Universal Docking Station supports upto six additional display units. It’s HDMI, VGA & DVI ports supports high resolutions upto 1920 x 1200–2048 x 1152.
• Three Video Modes: Mirrored Desktop Mode, Extended Desktop Mode and Primary Mode are the three different video modes supported by Liztek docking station.
• USB 2.0: Loaded with 4 USB 2.0 ports to connect different computer peripherals such as mouse, keyboard, scanner, printer, etc to your laptop.
• USB 3.0: It has got 2 USB 3.0 ports with transfer speed of up to 5 GPS.
• Fast Charging: You can plugin your mobile phones and there’s USB enabled Universal Docking Station and get fast charging current upto 1.5 amp.
• Ethernet Network: Is USB 3.0 gigabit Ethernet Network port supports IEEE 802.3, 802.3ab and also manage full duplex operation with IEEE 802.3 x flow control.

Santamedical SM-110 Pulse Oximeter Is The Top Best Seller On Amazon in USA

Seem-110 is FDA & CE approved, has sophisticated looks, two-way display, gives accurate readings and had adjustable hinge making it suitable for all.

SM 110

Pulse oximeter is a crucial medical equipment, especially for the patients suffering from any Chronic Pulmonary Obstructive Disease (CPOD). It’s a group of lung diseases, blocking the airflow and making it difficult to breathe. Patients having such diseases needs special care, attention and also needs to maintain a track of their SpO2 levels. It’s an estimate amount of oxygen in blood, precisely it’s the percentage of oxygenated hemoglobin compared to the total amount of hemoglobin in blood and these levels are measured by the device called pulse oximeter. Initially the device was bitten bulky and was used in hospitals and clinics, but with the growth of technology the size of the device has reduced tremendously and us become simple to use. With such transformation it’s been facilely used by laymen, though one needs to be heedful when selecting such healthcare devices and go for only trusted brand and experienced brands. One such renowned brand in healthcare segment is Santamedical having number of products under its umbrella. Recently Santamedical SM-110 Pulse Oximeter has named itself among the top Best sellers on Amazon in USA. The device has got umpteen positive reviews across the globe and 4.5 star rating out of five. SM-110 comes under premium range of Santamedical and the device looks highly sophisticated and it’s loaded with new and upgraded features making it first choice of not only medical professionals but also the of common people.
Features Making SM-110 Pulse Oximeter One Of The Best Seller On Amazon In USA
• Accurate Readings: Many professionals are impressed with the accuracy level of this Pulse Oximeter, trust it completely and also recommends it others.
• Sophisticated Looks: The overall appeal of the device is very captivating, it looks more of like a toy. It hued in dark black color with silver margins on the top and silver color hinge, enhances the overall appeal of the Pulse Oximeter.
• Two Way Display: It has got a two-way display making it easy for the user to see the readings and the display is made up of bright led making it easy to see the results even in dark.
• Safe: The Pulse Oximeter is approved by FDA, CE and is completely latex free.
• Suitable For All: It has got adjustable hinge, giving a comfortable for to different sizes of fingers.

Santamedical SM-1100 Pulse Oximeter Now Available At $18.95

SM-1100 gives reliable readings, has OLED screen rotating in for different directions, also shows plethysmograph and many other features, available on discounted price of $18.95 valid only for limited period.

unnamedGetting the desired product on a good discount always brings an add on joy. Such offers and discounts are generally available in festive seasons or when the company celebrates some achievement. Santamedical, a renowned label in healthcare segment has achieved a significant market share in USA and to celebrate this milestone, the brand has brought its pulse oximeter SM-1100 at a discounted price of $18.95. Santamedical has experience of numerous years and has got dexterous team of R&D, giving out high quality products, loaded with advanced and user-friendly features.
SM-1100 is one of the most trusted Pulse Oximeter and is recommended by many elite doctors of USA. Pulse oximeter is a medical device helpful in measuring oxygen saturation level (SpO2) in blood and pulse rate. SpO2 levels are quite important, especially for the patients of Chronic Pulmonary Obstructive Disease (CPOD), as any change in these levels might affect the overall health of body. And fingertip pulse oximeter brings great relief by preventing frequent visits to hospital too just to keep the track of these levels. With this device user can facilely check oxygen saturation level in blood and consult the doctor for any variation in measures observed. With this device it has become quite easy to keep a check on SpO2 levels whether it’s any medical professionals or laymen.
Features Making SM-1100 A Big Hit:-
• Reliable Readings: The readings of SM-1100 is tested several times and matched the accuracy levels of bulky oximeters kept in hospitals. The device it’s approved by FDA and is preferred by many medical professionals of USA.
• Advanced Display: The Pulse Oximeter has got OLED screen, displaying the readings in bright and sharp font. The screen shows the SpO2 level, pulse rate and plethysmograph (PPG) in four different directions.
• Plethysmograph: PPG is used to measure the variation in the volume of arterial blood with every pulse exhibiting the health of heart.
• High Portability: The device is lite and compact, user can even carry the Pulse Oximeter even in his pocket and can measure the vitals anytime anywhere.
• Complete Set: Along with this Pulse Oximeter comes a lanyard, user manual, 2 AAA batteries and one year warranty.
To know more about the Pulse Oximeter simply hop on to the given link.